30 responses to “Finish This Thought: Geography Is …

  1. Geography is about exploring realities and then challenging your mind to find better ways of treating others and the earth.
    I am excited to see the role My Wonderful World takes in promoting geographic literacy!

  2. Geography is life. Each day, in hundreds of ways geography touches each of us. From birth to death we are influenced, defined, and driven by geography. Our culture, genetic composition, and future is shaped by geography. It is not just our global position, culture, or income, but rather our interaction with the entire world. This is our life–this is geography.

  3. Geography is the study of man and his environment — the whole enchilada. It’s the port of entry for every science and every humanity. Every Eienstien and every Gandhi was first a geographer.

  4. Geography is what helps you see the world outside of the bubble you live in… And then you realize, you are not so crazy after all… You are simply part of a great world with lots of adventures waiting for you to discover, on every corner you can find…

  5. Geography is learning about other places, cultures and ways of life. It is learning new ways to treat our planet better. It is life, people and everything around us.

  6. I agree 100% with Kary
    Geography is not just maps it’s great culture from the ancient ages till now But we don’t know how to put it in every thing in our life
    And if we use it in our life we will be able to understand the life secrets

  7. Geography means the knowledged of making things true and funishing the standard of living.

  8. Geogarphy is simply a great outdoor. it expose the hiding fact and make one very initiative and creative towards solving socio, scientific economic and scientific doubt as well.
    Indirectly, prepare mind to be reasonable, hardworking, effective and efficient in all human endevours. Geography touches all aspect of of knowledge.

  9. Geography is the Science of Spatial Differentiation.
    Geography is a subject that needs to be taught k-12.
    Geography is a Light in the Mind, not a Load on the Brain.
    Geography is what gives History meaning.
    Geography is geotechnology.
    Geography is understanding the ‘big picture’ instead of getting lost in the details.

  10. geograpy is places on a map but more than that. it’s the road you take to wal-mart, where you buy your bananas from, and if there would have been an oceanfront view at your inland house millions of years ago. it’s the places that you go on vacation, and where you would like to go. it’s the people who make your rabbit’s sawdust in Maine, and the people who made this website. it can be interesting if you want it to, or it could be memorization. it’s art, science, math, history, literature, God, plants, animals and everything. this is the thing that we sum up in one word, geography.

  11. Geography is Ham Radio. They both contain my world, my friends, and my life. It is my home. They are both always renewed, and fun. Both of them span my globe, and contain in it my hope.

  12. According to me, geography is much more what several persons could think it is but our life because having knowledes about only our country means nothing because an haitian proverb exhorts us to try to see over our nose.so,geography could represent our own body it is like an obligation to know it. tanks!!!

  13. MyWonderfulWorld – what a wonderful website! In the UK a group of teachers have recently started a grassroots camapaign to raise the profile of geography in the media (newpapers, tv, internet, advertising, etc). We are asking anyone who is passionate about geography (whether from the UK or from around the world) to sign up and support our campaign and to explain why geography is important and/or why they love geography. You can visit our website at:
    and you can read why our supporters think geography is important at:
    Good luck to MyWonderfulWorld.com

  14. Stealing from Kant, Hettner, and Hartshorne…..
    Geography is most akin to history. It has no defined subject matter other than the study of a reality, namely the happenings of the earth’s surface. As history integrates many different phenomena over a segment of time, geography ties various phenomena together over a specified region. It comes as no suprise then that history and geography rely on a close, symbiotic relationship, aiming together to understand the operations of the world we live in.

  15. Geography is the key that unlocks windows, doors, and opportunities to our world… Everyone should add geography to their “keychain” and use it daily!

  16. Geography is the study of everything you see around you, and ‘knowing your world’.

  17. Geography is the subject that everyone should have a basic understanding / exposure to..Geography is truly the first science from which all others have developed.

  18. I hated Geography all my life,but since I have been introduced to “National Geography” magazine,boy I realized how close minded I was.Geography is Travel,Exploration & Finding the “other”.Similarities & Differences in people & places all around this Globe. Thank you National Geography magazine founders & MyWonderfulWorld.org

  19. Geography is the science that studies the space in which the human being and other living organism interact. Is more than knowing the natural sciences contribution is about people and its cultures, traditions and way of being.

  20. Queen of science…
    everything around us, every day… we own whole nature…
    so here is Geography, and its students who love nature with whole heart and body!
    It’s i wild passion…

  21. As a longtime reader of your Publication, I always await your next Magazin. I am living in Geramay, but the English Language has become my Second Lanuage due to my stay in the U.S. and my wife always comlains that she cannot read my correspondence.
    Pleaese keep up your (Really goood work)
    I am pleased to support your efforts.
    Sincerery yours
    Werner Trenner
    With the best Greatings fron a Small Town like Neustadt an der Waldnaab (close to the Czeck BOrder)
    I will Appreciate Anyone, interestet im our History to visit us.

  22. Hi iam happy to give my comment
    goegraphy is the bridge between human and physical sciences and the mother of all sciences.goegraphy look at the spatial connection between people, placesand the earth.

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