What is Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

Summer is here!
The long, hot days of the season dare us to soak up the heat and the daylight with adventure, activity, and travel. Our world is full of amazing cities, parks, and natural wonders to visit.

Tell us: Where is your favorite place to go on vacation? What makes your favorite vacation place unique?

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21 responses to “What is Your Favorite Vacation Spot?

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  2. New Zealand it has beautiful scenery, lots of wildlife, lots to do outdoors, it is green and lush, the people speak my language.They are pretty friendly, and it’s a long way from anywhere else.

  3. my favourite is Sri Lanka. untouched pristine beaches, rich culture and heritage, beautiful hill country..for a small island the bio diversity in unbelievable. the people so friendly , always with a smile. i had the wonderful experience of mingling with the locals and to walk through the fishing villages. their relaxed laid back lifestyle is something to talk about. the island nation is a paradise, people are always willing to assit you and hospitable. plenty of cheap good hotels.

  4. One is my favorite City place ever in Taipei City, Taiwan. Because, I love my one favorite World’s tallest Taipei 101 Tower. This is great shape of tower that have silver stainless steel and light green glass glaze are shining exterior. There are more alot other way of attraction shoppings, restaurants, hotels, etc

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  6. My Perhentian Island vacation is my favorite so far. It is an island in a Terengganu state in Malaysia where the place is so heavenly serene and wonderful. All the memories of dipping in the crystal clear and calm water, wearing my sunnies while lazying around under a shaded tree at the sandy white beaches and doing a bit of snorkeling activity around the island makes me think of going there again for my third trip. During my 2nd trip there with my cousin, we even managed to witness a truly romantic wedding ceremony by a couple whom happened to be my cousin’s schoolmate’s best friend! and ohh, the scenery during sunset and sunrise by the beach… ooo…can never forget that! sigh…

  7. Hmmm…I have several, including my Maine coast retreat, but my fav is Italy. What could be better than scarfing down the best tasting food ever, a beautiful countryside and an emotional “easy-on the eyes” Italian guy talking with his hands trying to communicate with you and all you can speak is English!!!

  8. My favorite vacation spot for a long trip is St. Lucia in South Africa. It is affordable, beautiful, and relaxing.
    For a shorter trip my favorite will always be the Jersey shore…beaches, ocean, boardwalks, rides, mini-golf, boating, biking, tons of shopping and scenery and it’s sooo close!

  9. Favorite spots? The “nose” at Mt. Mansfield (Vermont). The hike is easy and fun.
    Any secluded cove with pink sand, there are many (Bermuda).

  10. One of my favorite vacation spots is Yellowstone National Park. The combination of scenic beauty (waterfalls, lakes, gorges), fantastic hiking trails, and wildlife is incredible. We spents 2 weeks there and it was not enough.

  11. My favourite vacation spot is anywhere in the outback or coastal regions of Australia. Specifically, the Coorong Nat’l Park of SA; Dangali Nat’l Park of SA; Mount Kosckiosko ACT; and the best boogie board surf at Jervois Bay in ACT.

  12. My favorite vacation spot is Siesta Key FL….beautiful white sand beaches, calm sea most of the time…sandbar within swimming distance….. to enjoy the beautiful clear water and great conversation with family and friends… happy hour on the beach…the beautiful sunsets…heavenly!!!
    downside..you may encounter red tide

  13. I am a 5th generation Californian. Please excuse the bias. Other places in the world rock my socks but when it comes down to it, there really is no place like home.
    1) Big Sur (the native’s dream): Relatively unpopulated CA coastline. Camping 2 feet from the cliffsides with a 100 foot drop to the small, secluded Pacific beaches that are only reached by those brave/silly/immune enough to walk the minimally-cleared pathways of often thicketed poison oak. Closest supermarket/shopping center/gas station is at least an hour’s drive away.
    2) Eureka Valley Sand Dunes. Small in area, big in height at 600 feet tall. Bring a camel or skis. (Not a believer? Take a look… http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eureka_Valley_Sand_Dunes).
    3) The East Bay: Hike up the hills and watch the sun set beyond the Golden Gate: SF skyline sparkling, fog rolling over the Marin Headlands, ultra-white, triangular boat sails tacking into the wind and darting across the bay.

  14. My favorite vacation spot is Tongoriro national park in New Zealand. New Zealand is an absolutely wonderful country with some of the top hikes in the world. It is a truly beautiful country.

  15. Above and beyond all, my favourite vacation spot is Lake Wanaka on the South Island of New Zealand. Chilly glacial water surrounded by vast mountains. Specifically, there is an island in lake Wanaka that is a nature reserve, that has a short hiking trail… at the top of the island (it’s a little hike up) there is another lake (much warmer) and two miniature islands in the middle of that lake- just big enough for a small group of people and a picnic.
    So- we’re having a picnic, on an island, in a lake, on an island, in a lake(Wanaka), on an island (South Island, NZ)in the South Pacific Ocean… can’t beat that.
    Downside- gotta find someone with a boat and the knowhow to get you to the island.

  16. Favorite most recent spots:
    1) Tasmania. I love everything about this small Australian state! The capital city of Hobart, the people, the rural countryside, and especially the Overland Track: a stunning 5 day trek from Cradle Mt. to Lake St. Clair.
    Check it out! http://www.overlandtrack.com.au/
    2) Costa Rica. Beautiful, beautiful country with a really bustling ecotourism industry.
    3)Yellowstone. I went on my last great family vacation there a couple years ago. We spent over 2 weeks–and there was still so much to see and do!! Only downside: the crowds.

  17. My favorite places in the world – so far – are the Loess Hills of Eastern Nebraska USA, the lowland rainforest of Costa Rica, the Yorkshire Dales in England, the thermal region of Rotorua New Zealand, and the Grand Mesa in Colorado USA.

  18. my favorite vacation spot is the black hills of sd. so many things to see and do. its wonderful

  19. My favorite vacation spot is the U.S. Virgin Island of St. John. Over half of the island is a National Park making it a very beautiful,and restful, vacation spot. We have been twice and plan to go again.

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