about our writers

me for blogJennifer Sengupta manages social media and promotion for the education department at National Geographic. She is also the editor of the National Geographic Education blog and a contributing writer. Jennifer spends most of her time hiking, reading and spending time with her family.


Sean for blogSean O’Connor is the program manager of educational mapping for National Geographic Education. He loves cartography and interactive mapping. When he’s not creating maps or advising his colleagues on them, he enjoys reading about history, kayaking, and exploring his world.


Sam for blogSamantha Zuhlke is a member of the National Geographic Education team. A proud upstate New Yorker and a self-described map and outdoors enthusiast, Sam enjoys reading and exploring new places.


Becca for blogRebecca Bice is a contractor with National Geographic Education.  An avid student of geography, Rebecca hopes to spread awareness of and enthusiasm for viewing the world through a geographic lens. She enjoys traveling, spending time near the Chesapeake Bay and reading Victorian literature.

3 responses to “about our writers

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  3. The March Madness Blog was great. It really grabbed the attention of the boys and girls in the computer lab today! I know they’ll be referring to it over the weekend and on Tuesday we’ll refer to it again. What a tie in with math and geography and sports! Thanks

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